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Thank you for your interest in my qualifications!

I’m an editor with wide-ranging business document, proposal and newspaper editing experience, a seasoned writer with an immense range of research and topics under my belt, and a world-class manager. Below you’ll find my most recent writing, editing, page design and document design examples from The Fort Stockton Pioneer, as well as links to my two books, available on Amazon.com.  You can also find my résumé and other writing samples on my LinkedIn page.



Editorial Writing

I wrote the weekly opinion column for The Fort Stockton Pioneer for three years, finally stepping out in August 2017, and wrote the concepts for the Texas Toast editorial cartoon–a locally oriented cartoon illustrated by reporter and artist Jeremy Gonzalez. The first of those cartoons below was in response to a local game room raid which took place on Valentine’s Day, and the second was published during the campaigns for President.


Page Design/Newspaper Design

The following pages and full papers were designed in QuarkXpress. Along with design, the vast majority of the photography editing and tuning process was also mine, including the cutout you’ll see on the first link.




There are no links to web design for the newspaper, as we were with a proprietary system (Town News) that allows little leeway for creating innovative web design.


Above, you’ll find my editorial writing samples. Here are samples of specific articles (and their jump pages) that demonstrate my journalism style. You can also find numerous examples throughout the “Entire Paper” links above, and for more samples of my range, my books below.

Writing-Verk Article, Gaming Article-020917


TPig-PrintCopyhis Little Pig, A Flak Anders Mystery

Amazon (Print)

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Anita ‘Flak’ Anders, the first woman sheriff of Nacogdoches County, is called to a fire in the wee hours of a hot July night in Deep East Texas. There she finds Curtis Lee Barnes, the husband who left her four years ago. He tells her the man trapped and dying in the burning building is the father-in-law he would never let her know.

While Flak struggles with her old flame, and the new relationship just beginning to develop with the fire chief, she must also figure out which of the Barnes family might have killed the old man. And Curtis Lee is among the suspects.

She better find out fast, as more bullets begin to fly, all apparently aimed at her head. While Flak dodges the escalating attempts on her life, the story of Tucker Barnes unfolds in alternating chapters. The chilling evil of a man who abuses his family in every way is described by the youngest daughter, Jenny, who exposes the raw pain of a child and an adult searching for some way, any way, she could have made it different.

Against the backdrop of the religious fervor of the Pentecostal sects that proliferate in East Texas, Flak continues to pull the information she needs, piece by piece, out of a family that has banded together to shut out the outsider.  Piercing their defenses and gaining their trust, she finally puts all the pieces together just before her house explodes before her eyes. Concussed in the explosion, she has to take shelter with the fire chief she is beginning to love, and remember the solution to the puzzle before someone else dies.

She’s Thinking Out Loud

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Amazon Kindle

Pointing out the small hilarities of everyday life, and how the tiniest things touch us most, “She’s Thinking Out Loud” is a collection of more than a decade of Lisa C Hannon’s newspaper opinion pieces.
The collection covers everything from fibbing to feminism, children to chickens, technology to teenagers and most of all, her love for Texas and home.

The table of contents alone is worth the read, with article titles like “I think if I was evil, my mama would have told me,” and “Please don’t shoot me before I get my second cup of coffee.”

Advance Praise for She’s Thinking Out Loud:

“I was privileged to give Lisa her first managing editor’s job, so that means I get credit for discovering her, right? Wrong. True talent doesn’t need to be discovered; it reveals itself. I just had the good sense to stay out of the way. Read ‘She’s Thinking Out Loud,’ and discover for yourself Lisa’s talent for sharing insight, her caring heart and bringing about a smile or a tear. It’s well worth the trip.” — Hank Hargrave, Owner/Publisher Centerville News