She’s Thinking Out Loud

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She’s Thinking Out Loud Available on Amazon 6/13/2015

June 13, 2015

She’s Thinking Out Loud

Pointing out the small hilarities of everyday life, and how the tiniest things touch us most, “She’s Thinking Out Loud” is a collection of more than a decade of Lisa C Hannon’s newspaper opinion pieces. The collection covers everything from fibbing to feminism, children to chickens, technology to teenagers and most of all, her love for Texas and home. The table of contents alone is worth the read, with article titles like “I think if I was evil, my mama would have told me,” and “Please don’t shoot me before I get my second cup of coffee.”

Advance Praise for She’s Thinking Out Loud:

“I was privileged to give Lisa her first managing editor’s job, so that means I get credit for discovering her, right? Wrong. True talent doesn’t need to be discovered; it reveals itself. I just had the good sense to stay out of the way. Read “She’s Thinking Out Loud” and discover for yourself Lisa’s talent for sharing insight, her caring heart and bringing about a smile or a tear. It’s well worth the trip.” — Hank Hargrave, Moser Community Media, former editor & publisher of The Madisonville Meteor.


Author’s Note:

“She’s Thinking Out Loud” is the best of the best of my opinion and editorials over the last 15 years–I was writing for probably four of those years solid, and I went through and weeded out the drek for you already. The plan is to publish one either each or every other spring, with 40 to 50 of my best articles from the previous year(s), so you’ll definitely be seeing more of me in the years to come!

I tend to think of myself as a very country-oriented, Texan Erma Bombeck, if you’re old enough to remember who Mrs. Bombeck was. This may be hubris, because I know she was funnier than me, but then, I’m kind of walking over already plowed ground. Luckily, when all else fails, I can at least fall back on my accent.  And that is pronounced “ACK-see-int,” in case you were wondering.


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