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She’s Thinking Out Loud

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To my readers,

Thanks for your patience (and even better, your lack of patience! :)) to get your hands on the sequel that’s been a long time coming. The aim is to have it in first draft mode by December, and ready to publish for 2018! Hang in there, Flak’s coming to your rescue, this time with a mystery set in West Texas:

Flak Be Nimble, The Second Flak Anders Novel

I’m 10,000 words + into the sequel, and second in the Flak Anders Mystery Series!  Got my timeline sorted for the events in PIG meshed with the outline I’ve created for Flak Be Nimble, to stay true to who Flak is and was, and have got some of what she needs to learn about herself and her home state figured out.

The former sheriff of Nacogdoches County, Anita “Flak” Anders, has been roped into serving as maid of honor at her college roommate Cynthia’s wedding to the heir to a West Texas homestead. She takes on teaching a summer class on small town law enforcement at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, so she can stay in the area for a while. Something’s wrong, though–the once-beautiful Cynthia is far too thin, and obviously unhappy. Flak needs to find out what’s going on with her old friend…

While she’s distracted with bridesmaid dresses and other fluffy stuff, bodies with a peculiar symbol etched on each one begin showing up one by one. From unmarked graves in what outsiders believe are the barren wastelands of the High Chihuahuan Desert, to the most public places in the small towns scattered across that harsh and unforgiving land, it makes no sense. When Cynthia’s brand-new husband falls under suspicion, Flak has to something. None of it makes sense. But the body count just keeps getting higher, and that will not stand. Not where Flak’s concerned, anyway.

She’s STILL Thinking Out Loud

Began compiling the second (and final) in the THINKING OUT LOUD series, and am well on my way. If you’ve been jonesing for more of my opinions (and you have, haven’t you?) then you’ll be able to get a hit of that soon – trying to get it sorted before 2017 is over.


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Lisa signs “This Little Pig” at The Garage, Coffee, Music and More in Fort Stockton, TX at the Meet the Author event held in June, 2015.




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