It’s a book!

THIS LITTLE PIG is in print, and in my hands, and I’m proofing like mad – the errors are small, but they’re there, and I want them gone, I want them dead, I want them out of the print version forEVER. Just saying. Ahem.

The e-book is available only on Kindle on Amazon for another sixty days or so, and you can hit the link below to get there, but it does have the aforementioned owies. Bluntly, most people that aren’t editors won’t see them… it’s the occasional quotation mark, that kind of thing. But they will be fixed in both the electronic and the print versions as soon as I can get it done.

Announcements will be made from here ’til next Tuesday as soon as it’s done… but I did take an afternoon off from proofing to re-construct my website, as you may have noticed… 🙂

Questions? Let me know what you would like to know...